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Starting 2018..


So anyway, 2018 so far huh? What a weird mixed bag.


I always wondered why people came out of Uni as different people, and now I'm starting to understand a little bit why.

Like.. I never really did get the whole Gender thing, I was like, 100% sure I was a dude, and I didn't really know the feeling of knowing anything else - So I just assumed - hey, I'm a dude, and that's okay.

The interconnectedness of the world is a magnificent thing, and I've surrounded myself with people all across the gender and sexual spectrums, and now I actually have time to think on myself and my feelings for once.. I'm actually kinda convinced not only am I Asexual - I'm also on the Gender Spectrum as well, specifically, DemiGuy.

Like, I spent a good week flicking through various wiki articles, pages, fluff articles on newspapers and generally experimenting with myself and clothing. And it just made sense. It was just, instant click in my brain.

I'm mostly a dude.…

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