A Dystopian Future

The blur of life.

We never found how how it became like this - all squeaky clean.

One day, we all had these devices on us. In our pockets.. Eventually they just stayed in our hands - too busy reading, messaging, watching, playing. We never did talk much to our neighbours. The devices just helped us to blot them out even further.

It's funny.

We could be talking to them on our devices and we wouldn't know. I mean, it's all our real names these days on the devices - but for all we know, it could be our next door neighbour or someone across the world. It's the same difference these days.

But it's not just the devices that have us under their glowy control. Everything that's been nailed has a sensor in it - beeping and booping and sending signals all day long. All those names logged into the networks, all being gathered and no-one gives a damn. Bins, Lamp posts, shop doors..

But no-one cared. We had our devices.

The power creep started slowly at first. Someone might look something funny in consecutive - innocent things - a polite knock on the door and a search.
Then it got worse. They followed you for a few days. Just to make sure you weren't acting funny. They watched you through the machines - the sensors. You couldn't hide from it.

Soon enough, an incentive for these device manufacturers to lower their prices - the citizens were overjoyed! Finally, brand new devices for such a low price - everyone rushed out to buy new ones - more advanced ones. Ones with more GPS features. NFC features. Bluetooth. All these shiny technologies, but no-one cared. As long as they could play and read and watch, they didn't care.

They're mandatory now, you know?

Yeah. If you can't afford one, the companies give you one for a discount. It's not a very good one, though. You can read and watch and play with them, though. Good enough for most people.

Now everyone in the world had one. They could follow you anywhere. Like watching little worker bees buzzing around the world - returning to their hives at the end of the day. But no-one cared.

It started then.

Didn't go to work one day? Felt a bit off and just wanted to spend the day in bed, maybe on the device? It had to be authorised, and not just with your employer. Those who ran the streets. After all, if the counter came one person down that day and they were unaccounted for - who knows what they could be doing?

The people with the devices liked this.
"Don't want no terrorists screwing with us!"
They'd happily type.

No-one talks any more. The only people who talk are on the devices. They tell us where to go, what to do, what we should like, who we should like. They lie, they cheat, they manipulate.
"It's for the good of the world, and the network!" the voices would yell.

But no-one cared.

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