2 August 2013

I'm a writer who can't write.

Look at me, I'm terrible.

Here I am, claiming to be a writer - with all these wild things going on in my head. So many new cultures, races, places to see; all in my head... But I just can't get it down onto paper. (Or screen)

Is this what they call writer's block, or am I just a lazy writer?

It may be that I just have too many projects going on at once! Who knows.

Either way, I sit here with some WIP's open and I just can't progress. I sit, I stare, I write things and immediately delete them. I stare some more, then immediately just give up and go and play some video games.

It's a terrible backout plan, I know. I should at least play the video game that inspired the worlds I'm making, but I instead play Skyrim. Two totally contrasting games and genres, yet I'm choosing the one completely opposite of my worlds.

Maybe I'm tired of Sci-fi? No. I still love to get inside my own head and imagine all these amazing, futuristic ideas and inventions, with amazing sunsets as seen from space.

The amazingly advanced Canir, with their traditional, yet progressive ideals and the most amazing technological minds.

The strong and reliable Feln, when everyone thought they were gone, they crept from the ruins and came back stronger than ever.

But I just can't write about them. It drives me crazy. I want to show everyone in the world how amazing my worlds are, the totally awesome characters that live in there, the events that happen that are beyond belief..

But it's all just stuck in my head.

It's Pride Month!

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