27 August 2013

Not actually mad or mopey - BUCK 2013

So, yeah!
Wondering where I was over the weekend?

Working at a convention!

It all really started for Security on the Friday. I was in Manchester Central at 7am to pick up my radio, get used to it and prepare for the evening.
We hosted one of the biggest brony music shows in the Fandom so far. It was a huge success, and we somehow managed to knock a door off it's frame at one point.

There were no crowdsurfers, so I was free to boogie on down while keeping my eye on the crowd (I was front of house, behind the barrier and in front of the stage. It was a laugh! It was a long day though, and I didn't get out of there until around 2am - a 20 hour day.
I feel sorry for the techs though. They were there until at least 3:30am.

Saturday was a minor freakout. I turned up and was immediately drafted in to help the only tech guy who managed to get in. But we got it all sorted out and opened the doors to the convention

It all went smoothly, I was patrolling pretty much all day. The attendees were amazing to watch, the cosplayers were amazing (apart from one, we don't talk about him. We had to escort him off premises) and everyone was so well behaved!

I never thought I'd work 46 hours in 3 days completely voluntary and want to go back for more the next day!

Monday was takedown day - although my manager for the con wouldn't let me in. I'd apparently worked too hard and if I turned up anyway, he'd throw me out.

I unfortunately didn't catch any panels or events other than the Summer Sun Celebration on Friday evening due to patrolling the Vendor Floor and being unable to scarper off for long.

There was a quiet point were me and some of the Sec guys had a bit of a chill and a bit of a laugh. Got a picture of my fellow sec redshirt with The Living Tombstone - who I'll add is one hell of a chill dude.

I'm trying to get my SIA license now - I had a lot of fun even working at the convention. Maybe moreso than if I attended normally. Everyone I work with are amazing. Even Samuel the scary German Scotsman. Same time again next year, eh?

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