21 October 2013

A Breakdown of Fandoms

Okay, so this weekend I attended The Great Furscape - Essentially a furry convention in a theme park's conference centre. Had a helluva time, met a few great people and generally managed to get some sorely needed downtime.

But being a formerly active member of the MLP Fandom, and a now-getting-active-from-lurker status in the Fur Fandom, I've noticed a lot of differences despite their similarities.
Both are heavily internet based, deal with anthromorphised animals, and are fandom based; with almost zero to few outside influences when it comes to the main part of the fandom. They are self sufficient machines at this point.

Furries and Bronies get somewhat of a terrible rap on the internet, but aside from the occasional obvious troll here or there, I've never been really targeted. So I'm quite lucky in that regard.

But after attending countless brony meets and attending one convention, and working one, the bronies; while a little bit on the crazy side, are genuinely happy people, mostly in it for the fandom. They do lean to the younger side - It's a little odd being one of the older convention attendees/staff members - I'm only 23!

This, along with the declining state of the fandom (not the wider aspect of it, but the individual members I've found myself interacting with lately) made me distance a little bit.

If I was to pin an average age on the bronies - I'd put it around 16-17 years old

Now, on the other had (or the other paw, you might say!) the Furries are a lot more of a serious fandom. This is probably due to the age of the fandom, possibly older than the internet itself - its ranks bolstered and made more widespread due to the internet becoming as big as it is.

Now, while I'm fairly "new" (despite my endless lurking on the edges of the fandom since 2005-6) to the furry fandom, they seem to have more of an older average age, and a lot more of a calmer disposition in the flesh - while on the internet they're a lot more wacky. Especially the younger "random" members you'll come across for sure.

I've not really been to any meets outside of the Furscape this weekend - but I lurk on the UKFurs forum and in general, the UK furries are a lot more well spoken, more interested in current events and on average (from what I've seen) a lot older.
This weekend, I roomed with 2 great guys - Ant and Dan, both older than I am. Seeing and talking to the rest of the group this weekend - and I must have been one of the younger members of the party of 48.

Yes - both fandoms have their older members and younger members, both have their utterly insane, immature types, and their creepy types. But from my experiences so far, furries definitely seem to have the older average of the lot

This was a totally pointless and unneeded and totally uncited pointless rant, and I don't know why I even started writing it but looking back on it now it'd be a waste to to bin this writing so meh.

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