A nice short title this time, though anyone who's following UK current events might know who I'm going to walk about today.

The Daily Mail.

Sitting as overlord in the Daily Mail hive, Paul Dacre sits as editor in chief of the newpaper empire, including The Mail, Mail on Sunday and The Metro; Paul Dacre sits cackling in his office, rubbing his hands greedily, employing the "Bad publicity is still publicity" outlook on this whole sordid mess surrounding Ed and the late Ralph Milliband, Newsnight and nazis.
The latter option will make sense in the end, trust me.

Okay, so it all kicked off this weekend, with The Mail posting their usual vile crap, hating everything that has a lefter lean than they do. Which is most of the country. I'm not kidding when I say the Daily Mail would actually fit right in with the Right-Leaning press in the USA.

So they decided to shit on Labour, as usual. Nothing short of the usual "they'll take the country to the dogs" crap as usual., But this time, they made it personal.

(Note, I won't be linking to any Mail articles, ever. They don't deserve the ad revenue)

So, the Mail piece that kicked off this huge shitstorm was titled: "A Man who hated Britain."

In it, they highlighted that Ralph Milliband was a "Marxist thinker", had ties to communism, and that he was an immigrant from Belgium.  They also had their jabs at Ed, but I honestly couldn't read much more because I was cringing from trying to read it.

It was basically the adult version of the "Your dad is dead and he was different to everyone else" that some kids do in the playground sometimes.

I can't even imagine how mad Ed must have been when he read this - no matter his public response, I can honestly imagine the guy breaking things and cursing the daylights out of the author. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I'd honestly do the same. Maybe worse.

After the initial outrage, the Mail put up yet another piece, this time titling it; "An Evil Legacy and why we won't apologise"

So not only are the mail admitting they were nasty, but they're taking the route that says "We're right, you're all wrong and too soft"

Here's the problem with this line of thinking, Mail.
In the 1940s, While Ralph Milliband was putting his life on the line, your editor was posing with Hitler. Adolf Hitler. You know, that guy who ordered the killing of millions of Jews and started the largest war the world has ever seen? You were getting chummy with that guy.

They're saying Communism is absolutely diabolical, while defending their Nazi-loving past. As totally off the fucking wall as this sounds - Communism is a tad better than supporting a tyrannical dictator bent on shaping the world tho his ideals.

The Mail is a Hypocrtical, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Transphobic-

Actually, They're a Anything-but-themselves-phobic pile of dicks. If you're not White, Male, Christian, Heterosexual, and Employed, you can go and apparently eat dirt.

they're an Egocentric entity, and once people stop paying attention to them, they'll grow smaller and smaller until they disappear entirely. Except that it's the world's most popular online newspaper, purely running from their Not-political-or-social articles, and more sneak paparazzi shots, objectifying women and young girls

Yeah, remember that headline?
"Look how she's grown!" attached to creep pap shots.

But I'm deviating.
They thrive from controversy. If the Mail could get its own way, Britain would still be an empire, the poor would be dying in the streets, or be slaves. I'd bet if we could get a copy of the first Daily Mail, it'd still say "The Good Old Days"

They romanticised the past, fear the future and hate anything beyond the norm. They're like the Republican party made into a readable entity. Even our Conservative Party isn't this batshit insane.

And for god's sake, don't visit the Daily Mail website until you've installed an adblocker at the very least. It's a shithole.

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