28 November 2013

Creativity, Escapism and World Building

Prepare yourselves, It's 4am and my brain goes more unfiltered than usual at this time.

Okay, so while I'm not at all professional in my (hopeful) writing career, I go into some intense detail when I'm plotting out my worlds and societies and stuff!
Currently, I'm plotting out an entire universe - which admittedly is probably a bit too deep for my first novel series, but it's something I've had in my head since I was 18-19, so I've been slowly picking at it and creating characters, worlds, things.

It's a place I go to when I sleep. I try to Lucid Dream to the planets I create, to wander the cities in my head and meet the people of the various towns on those planets

But I frequently daydream my way there a lot. If I find myself in an idle moment, I'll zip away from reality for a few moments while I explore the possibilities of these fictional worlds.
I do my exploration very much in private - mostly because my worlds are very much in development, and while I can see it all in my head, I've nowhere near matured it enough to get it into words into a wiki so others can join me.

I know lots of people who Roleplay to get new ideas flowing, but lots of them are developed in lots of canon worlds, or not even based in a world, just made some characters and off they go.

I'm a little more Anal about my writing, roleplaying and creativity, so I can't do anything much with people except in a concrete world with heavy moderation and strict rules, which rules out everyone who I hang out with on Twitter and Google+, annoyingly

If you follow me on twitter, you may have heard me ponder about escapism a few days ago after I watched a few twitter buddies talking about escapism and roleplaying, which is actually a good way for people to escape

LARP, D&D, Forums, Social Media are all good forms of roleplaying with others, obviously going from the more hardcore style to the more casual style of RP

It's a great way of flexing the brain juices and maybe develop characters or worlds while you're at it.

For those brief hours, you're out of reality and living in this new fantastical world, your worries left behind while you become Sir MagicPants the Fantastical Wizard, or, if you're like me, a massive anal bastard about character creation, even on comedy games, Shia'le Sharptooth the Feln Soldier.

Unfortunately, due to being quite rooted in my creative ways, I rarely get to collaborate with others. I'm an arse for it, I know. and when I do, I'm quite rigid and try not to deviate much.

The great thing about creativity is that possibilities are endless. Totally endless. The sad thing is that a lot of content creation these days is all focused on what's safe.

Think about it, when was the last time you played a video game that wasn't about killing aliens/zombies/terrorists? or rescuing a princess? It's because it's a safe bet. People like what they know.
I'm horribly guilty of it too, I don't play many video games outside of the big hitters. I might glance at an indie title here or there but lack of time and money leave me investing in what I know.
Authors, Developers, Producers all aim for what people will pick up.

Lots of possibly interesting, amazing stories have probably been rejected simply because "It won't sell well"

Anyway. Going off on another tangent again there.

Creativity is everywhere. Open your mind, get inspired! I saw my cat while mildly drunk one night and came up with a whole new alien race. Was blind drunk at a festival and came up with a concept starship. Was walking around at work and came up with a plotline

It strikes in the craziest places. Carry a notebook, write down any insane idea you have. Everyone can be a little creative. You just have to know when to dumb down the crazy. Tweak it if you have to. If I wrote down all the stuff I thought of, I'd possibly be sectioned.

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