Introversion and the Internet

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So, Introversion.
You'll find that a lot of people are introverts on the internet. It's sort of like a social ground for the introverts. The Extroverts are too busy having a good time with other people.

What is an Introvert, you ask?

Introversion is one of the 4 descriptors of a person in the Mayers-Briggs personality test. While not completely accurate 100% of the time - I often get INFP (Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Perception) when I take the test.
Introversion at its very basic explanation can be summed up as "A Person who gains their energy from being alone or with few others"

There is a rather lovely infographic explaining it all, but I don't want to take up too much space talking about what introversion actually is, so here is a nice link.

Now, with the internet, we can be alone and socialise, technically! Except kind of not.

If you somehow decide to stalk my internet business - you'll find I don't say a whole lot of stuff, especially quick "Hi"'s, or "How are you?" conversation starters.

Another common theme with Introverts is that yes, we don't say a whole lot, but that's because we don't really say something unless it has to be said, or there's a potential for discussion. I'm terrible for it, and to anyone who tries to talk to me online and finds I shut down rather quickly - I'm not bored or annoyed! I'm just not sure for what to say. I'm sorry!

What's made me suddenly decide to talk about Introversion? Well, I recently re-read that infographic I've linked above, and it gave me a few ideas for talking points on the subject.

From me personally - I feel that the more nonsense I talk with someone, the more pointless info they, and I, are going to soak up. Time with people is limited and I feel like I need to get the most out of it.
If you can somehow talk me out of my shell, I'll talk bollocks with you until kingdom come - and I'm a lot more comfortable with that over voice chat, or in person, even though when I'm talking, I tend to slur my words, or stumble a lot because my mouth moves a lot faster than my brain can process my thoughts.

I just need to get the information out as soon as possible so I can shut up and see what the other person has to say.

A lot of people have "broken" their introversion shell with the internet. A faceless, anonymous way to get your thoughts or conversation done feels a lot less taxing than actual in-person conversation. Meanwhile I've opted to remain totally "me" on the internet. The only thing I really hide is my actual face.

the thing with introverts I find, is that we have a lot floating in our heads that we want to say on the conversation - but we don't want to interrupt the current flow of speech, or it might already be known by the group and we'd hate to say something that didn't need to be said.
With the world's information at our fingertips - I find I'm afraid of being shot down because "Lol, it's on wikipedia, dummy"

It might be why I'm more opinion leaning rather than fact retentive - I know I can just search something on the internet and be told in a matter of minutes. Which is shoddy, because you can probably throw any bullshit at me and I'll take it in for a few seconds like "wha?" then search it up.

See - look at me go. I really love my tangents. Hands are doing things before my brain can say "Woah dude, hang on"

After reading that infographic, I was talking with a few people (2 cool people who I should definitely talk to more, but introversion be damned, I can't even pluck up the balls to say "Hi") and realised I'm not a very talkative person, even on the internet. I say a lot, but I don't converse a bit.

I'd like to imagine a lot of people are the same, but I see a lot of comment threads on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter with 60, 70+ comments and I think "They've probably said what I'm already thinking, I'll leave it."

It's unfortunately something a lot of people can't consciously control. We can force ourselves into idle chit chat, both online and IRL, but it feels awkward and clunky and we want to get it over and done with ASAP.

Personally, I like to get my own viewpoint across, because anyone can fact check, but only one person has my slant on a topic, and that's myself. I read/listen a lot and any point that doesn't get covered that I feel should have been will be jumped on.

I'm probably wrong in some cases, but I like to learn. Learning is what I love to do. I teach as a profession right now, and there's one thing I love - hearing what other people think of things. Just don't ask me to weigh in without giving me a moment to collect my thoughts.

Please don't be offended by silence, we don't mean it, we can't help it.

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