18 November 2013

Material existence

It's coming up to that time of the year again. The one that generally fucks me up financially.

I'm not here to talk about my finances though.
"It's Christmas, after all" the adverts keep reminding me.

Well, apart from the fact it's only the 18th November, you eager bastards, I'm not a big fan of the commercial side of the Christmas holiday.

What has seemingly moved from a festival of goodwill, has now turned into this horrible corporate nightmare where everyone is forced to buy presents or give cards and generally spend a hell of a lot of money on things no one really needs, or in some cases even want. But we as a society seem to accept this as the norm.

Anyway, that's the atheist socialist  environmentalist in me coming out. Yes, I'm kind of a Scrooge, but only until mid December.

But what I'm really digging at here are the really material people. I can understand kids writing huge lists of what they want and hanging it up on the wall for Santa to see

But I'm seeing people of 20 years and older writing these huge expensive lists, knowing full well that whoever sees this list is going to feel obligated to buy this stuff.

"Spread it between yourselves" I've seen one cheekily say.
It's tablet computers, designer perfumes, fancy fashionable gadgets.. It's nothing even someone on a higher than average salary wouldn't blink at.

I can understand gift giving. But guilt tripping and forced social demand in this economy will ruin at least one person's credit rating.

Also, I really hate getting asked repeatedly what I'd like for Christmas.

You know what I'd like for Christmas?
Feck all except some peace and quiet, and maybe for the payday loans I owe to be suddenly and inexplicably cleared with no effect on my bank balance.

But maybe I'm just asking for too much.

How about an economic recovery? That'd be nice.

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