6 November 2013

On being Triggered:

Mostly digging at Social Justice bloggers today. Inspired by a tweet, my fresh rage for the run-of-the-mill bloggers on tumblr has been rekindled, and now I'm out for blood. (Or keyboards. I'll take your damn keyboard and bust your PS/2 or USB Ports, you loons)

This one actually probably qualifies as "Getting Mad At Nothing" because it's pointless for me to get mad at these people, but AGH, this isn't a rant blog for nothing. Warning. I will probably get nasty. Purely for shiggles, I assure you.

I'm not going to throw links to any of these "Social Justice" bloggers, because that'd be silly, and I'd probably trigger them or something.
In case you aren't aware, there's a (rather large) amount of blogs on various sites (but mostly tumblr) where said bloggers will talk about "privilege". These various "Privileges" that they're crusading against are "Thin Privilege", "Male Privilege" etc.

(I'll admit, there can be a little bit of male privi- fuck it, I'm not typing that word any more, I feel dirty)

While there Should be some cause for concern about society as a whole (See my general rants), these people focus on the most tiny, insignificant things and make it a HUGE issue. (A bit like the Daily Mail tend to do.)

But the most outrageous thing they throw around is getting Triggered. Getting triggered because there's a man in front of her. Getting triggered because their family is praising their cousin on weight loss. Getting triggered because someone called them a MASSIVE CUNT or something of that ilk.

Newsflash kiddies - getting upset or jealous does not indicate being triggered. These are standard human feelings we all feel at one point or another. Good news! You're a human being!

Getting triggered is not a pleasant experience at all - I am fortunate to not have any triggers despite having a few traumatic events happen to me. People can have varying triggers and severity of experiences. Some might phase out, some will go into a full-on panic attack.

I work with "disabled" students, and I'm not given any information on their disability so as to not prejudice or unintentionally offend - I am always cautious with what I say, because I hate to offend (Yeah. I separate my work life from the internet. Gasp.) and potentially avoid sending someone into one of these horrible experiences. Some of the students will have suffered traumatic events and having a suddenly unresponsive student or a student freaking out while I'm hundreds of miles away is not something I want to happen.

Yes, some triggers can just induce a slight flap, a bit of sadness.
Some triggers will send people into a full on phase out while they re-live what happened.
Some triggers will warrant a full on reconstruction of what they did.

Trivialising such fucking horrible things to further your selfish, jealous cause is fucking stupid, and I should come around and break your keyboard in half. Or will my presence trigger you?

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