7 November 2013

You won't believe how much I hate Clickbait headlines!

I really fucking hate clickbait headlines like that.

I'm subscribed to that "old" way of thinking where people a little too busy to be reading articles can scan the headlines and gather the general news of the day via the headlines. Sure, some headlines can just be wildly misleading. Highly sensationalised. Or utter bollocks - but at least you can get a feel for the current events of the day.

Headlines like:
"6 ways that Politics is pissing you off"
"5 new animals that are too cute to exist"
or my personal favourite
"21 images that will restore your faith in humanity"

Headlines like this piss me off so fucking much. I can see it creeping ever closer, and sometimes it's all I can spot in my reddit/tumblr/twitter/G+ feed.

Randall from XKCD did a pretty cool comic t'other day about how major news from the last century may have been reported if these clickbait-y headlines were about then. Go visit. He's awesome.

It's precisely why, even though I'm a huge supporter or web based news reporting, unbiased information, I still find myself falling back to reading The Guardian, the Independent, The Telegraph, BBC, Times, just to get a nice balance of headlines from both Right and Left.

I can look past headlines like "6 animals which blah blah blah" if the actual main body of text has some facts/opinions/humour in there (Which is longer than a paragaph. Or a tweet.) which I why I end up going back to Cracked again and again. I've lost many a mouthful of drink when I've read something and got blindsided by some toilet humour.

I fucking love toilet humour, by the way. Farts and poops? I'll be on the floor laughing. I am a mature adult, honest.

The other problem with such clickbait-y articles (Buzzfeed being the main offender here) is that a lot of them are simply a list of gifs with "THIS" underneath them. And a lot of them are unsourced. Like. completely unsourced. Their sources often point to "Tumblr", despite there being an actual source (Though most of the time it's something life gifsoup or something). It's lazy sourcing. Really fucking lazy sourcing. These people are paid to post gifs with the word "This" underneath. The least they could fucking do is find the videos their gifs were made from.

I'll make this clear. I am a very to-the-point person. I will not faff around, dick around or otherwise read fluff when it comes to my news sources. Yes, I post dickery around on my twitter, on Google+, because I am not a fun vacuum. but when it comes to the news of the day, if you fuck me about with gifs and clickbait headlines, I'm going to fucking headbutt you.

If Buzzfeed want to be taken seriously, keep the fun gifstorms as just that. Do not mesh news with clickbait, it's infuriating and I am unable to take you seriously. It could be reporting on the world's largest disaster, and posting gifsets of people crying just makes it look unprofessional and rather untrustworthy.

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