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14 December 2013

On Video Games: Yearly Releases

Howdy Internet!

As I was in my state of "Fucking hell I can't sleep" last night/this morning, I got to thinking. How do they even manage yearly game releases?
(Yeah, my thought patterns when I'm trying to sleep are stupid, I know.)

6 December 2013

Deaths of Public Figures

Today, we lost a huge person.

Nelson Mandela was an amazing person. He did everything in his power to end the apartheid in South Africa, going so far as to get imprisoned, but emerging 27 years later and becoming the first black president of South Africa

He's one of those people who just will never be forgotten. Along with Martin Luther King Jr, John Kennedy and many others whose names will stand the test of time.

Mandela was freed from prison 5 days before I was born, and was elected to presidency when I turned 4 years old. I learned a lot about him and Apartheid during my primary school years.

Rest In Peace, Madiba. You've earned it.

1 December 2013

Regarding: Black Friday

Hi America!
It seems you've survived Black Friday (If you ventured out of your house), and for that, I commend you.

Here in the UK, the Friday (And your Thanksgiving Thursday for that matter) is just a plain ol' day. Nothing really special.
That was until Black Friday Fever finally made it to ASDA. Of course ASDA would be the first retailer here to open up Black Friday. It's owned by US retail giant Walmart.