1 December 2013

Regarding: Black Friday

Hi America!
It seems you've survived Black Friday (If you ventured out of your house), and for that, I commend you.

Here in the UK, the Friday (And your Thanksgiving Thursday for that matter) is just a plain ol' day. Nothing really special.
That was until Black Friday Fever finally made it to ASDA. Of course ASDA would be the first retailer here to open up Black Friday. It's owned by US retail giant Walmart.

If you're not sure what Black Friday is (Give me your rock, I wish to hide under it), to sum it up - Retailers decide to lose as much stock as they possibly can to make room for new stock for the Christmas season. In turn, they drastically lower prices (or sometimes just raise the RRP) to make it irresistable to the average bargain hunter.

In turn, said bargain hunters snap up those cheap items like hot cakes. It can get messy, crowded, and even violent when there's not enough stock and too many people.

Lots of people get injured, and some actually die while out shopping. Is this what we've come to? 50% off a telly and you're trampling people? Current count since 2006 at http://blackfridaydeathcount.com/

All this usually happens the day after thanksgiving. Much like our Boxing Day sales in the UK. Except we seemed so far to be slightly more civilised.

Ah, it appears the mere mention of "Black Friday" brings out the inner beast in any shopper.

ASDA could have simply labelled their sale as a "store-wide sale" and it simply wouldn't have gathered the crowds it did. In the US, it doesn't (Or didn't) need to be called a Black Friday sale to draw crowds. It just did.
But calling it Black Friday here in the UK was pretty irresponsible - given the fact that people routinely get injured or killed in the USA on those fridays.

But here's the thing with ASDA unveiling their Black Friday sale: Sales were good.
You know what that means?

Every fucking retailer will try it next year. Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, maybe even M&S.

Its going to countrywide chaos for America's greatest export - Commercialism.

Now I could go off on one here about the psychology and harm flash sales can have (I'm a victim of the season steam sales), but I'll probably end up making less sense than usual and look like I don't know what I'm talking about, so I won't.

Why "Black" friday, anyway? It sounds like a Goth's night out. Why not something nice, like Rainbow Friday, or Purple Friday?
Bruises are Purple, after all.

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