25 April 2014

Loans Direct UK and why you never even think about going to them

So you might know that I was in pretty much financial dire straights. I am recovering now. Few months and I should be sorted. I even put £100 aside this month for a convention.. which I probably won't need all of.

But earlier this month I was having a panic attack over money and convinced the second I get paid, it'd be gone and I still wouldn't have enough. I was trying everything to get my hands on a loan, and I idiotically turned to a company called Loans Direct (UK) 

What they were providing was a broker service.. to more fucking brokers. More details in here: http://www.accordingtotaern.com/2014/04/shady-loans.html

Anyway. So I rang them last month to get shit cancelled because I was being a stupid idiot and I wasn't going to be in super debt as long as I managed it all right.

I went through to the refund department... Who talked me into going to _this_ lender, promising they were different. I went to them.. They were another fucking broker.
I've been a tad busy during their working hours, so I've not been able to contact them until I saw the £69 membership fee come out of my account today.

I flipped shit. 
Grabbed the phone. Twice  was hung up on when I pressed the refund option.

3rd time, I got through to someone finally. And this point, I'm fuming.
The poor lady who answered the phone didn't even acknowledge I'd actually called the refund line, references my previous call, asked me how that lender went and offered me a new lender.

I stood my ground and said 

"Look, I appreciate you're trying to help, but I've just had a stupidly high charge come out of my bank account, and the fine balance I had for the rest of this month has now been tipped on its head. 

I was told this charge would be payable after 62 days, not 10 days. I've been meaning to contact you, but my working hours don't accommodate for your opening hours, and the only time I had the opportunity I was sweet talked into that previous lender you mentioned, who turned me down.

As I've mentioned, I've now got a fine balance and I should be debt free in a few months if I'm careful, which was what the loan I originally planned for was to cover"

Even after that huge tirade about why I want a refund, she still had the fucking _balls_ to offer me the fucking loan again.

At this point I lost it completely. I didn't swear but I was very hard-assed.

"Seriously, I'm not interested in the loans you're trying to provide me, It's a horrible loop of brokers, each with extortionate fees each and I'd be looking at paying out £1k before I got the £1k I was after borrowing. Just please, please give me the refund."

Turns out I had to go by the website anyway, the refund line was just to catch the weak-willed.

They're fucking sharks, and they served only to gather money from the financially fucked without even giving them money first. They're worse than payday loan providers. So. Much. Worse.

Also, while I was writing this, rather than the spam calls I get on my mobile, one of them actually rang my house number which isn't exactly my phone number to be ringing. No idea how they got hold of it.

I blew up on them.

"Right, okay, listen, I've had about 15 calls TODAY -- and it's only 12pm which I have purposefully blocked on my mobile number. One. How did you even get this number? Two. Why did you call me on my parents number? This is not even my number to be called on. Three. Please stop calling me, I've had about enough of spam calls and texts, especially when I'm at work and I'm expecting very important phone calls. Do not call this number again."

23 April 2014


Hey, so rather than ragging on someone else today, I'm going to rag on myself, or at the least, my insecurities.

So anyone who knows me well enough know that I'm hardly the definition of fit and healthy - According to the Body Mass Index, I'm actually obese. I know it and I'm super, super insecure about it.

14 April 2014

Shady Loans

In my harebrained schemes to clear off the 8,000% APR loans I have, I've tried to apply for various loans advertising 50-60% APR and still getting refused. (In comparison, most banks offer a 24-30% APR)

I got desperate. I plugged my phone number into a loan "search engine" for bad credit. (For reference, my credit is at rock bottom. I can't get much lower. Banks won't even look twice at me)

Now here's the thing. to people absolutely diabolical with money - like myself - £1k at 50-60% APR isn't too bad a deal, especially if we're paying a lot more than that already per month on other debts. They advertise their rates, their offers and SPAM THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ANY PHONE NUMBER THEY CAN FIND

"Memes", Irony, and the Internet's short-term memory

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