Good news! Wages are up!

Who for, exactly?

The company I'm with hasn't seen pay rises in 6 years. When the news happily squeals that "average wage has increased by 1.5% over the last year" I laugh so hard. I laugh so damn hard my sides start to hurt.

I was on minimum wage up until I was 22, and I had one hell of a lucky break and got my current salaried job - which, after all the tax and junk, probably puts me on about 70p more than the minimum wage.

People look at my salary like "Hey, that's not bad, why are you struggling?"
Here's the thing. I wasn't when I first started in this job about 2 years ago. Sure, I had a couple of things to pay off, but it was looking good.

Over time, inflation has been a little crazy, and I've not been getting a single payrise. Even the most basic of food, crappy, barely nutritional Pot Noodles have gone from like £1ish to about £1.90-£2 a go where I live. Anything better than that - even the pre-made ready meals. Unless you get the bland, tasteless store brand stuff (going for about £1.50), you're shelling out nearly £3-4 per meal. For those  on minimum wage, you can easily be spending £100-200 a month on food, factor in rent and other stuff, and well.. It's not a pretty sight.

Off track again.
But, maybe it's just the company I'm with, right? After all, we're somewhat tied to public sector stuff. With all the cuts, it's obvious we're going to see a downturn in business!

From people across different businesses in different sectors - everyone's still locked into pay freezes and zero hour contracts (More on those on a later date) and the government is quite proud to say the average wage has gone up?

Who for? Because it's certainly not most of us!
They also had the balls to announce that bonuses were above inflation too.

What the fuck is a bonus? I've only ever had one of those, and that was £100 at christmas in 2007!

I know where the fucking average is coming from. MP Pay rises, bank pay rises, bank bonuses. The absurd amount of money floating around up there can easily shift national percentages.

I'm not saying it's just the bankers - yes, many other businesses across the country are probably doing quite well, but for the most part the rest of us are just shit out of luck. If the Chancellors figures are to be believed, the economy is recovering, but the nature of trickle-down means we might not see any benefits for at least a year, maybe more.

but I won't go on any more, because I'm an IT guy and economics are not me, and I'll probably be spouting complete horseshit.

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