3 May 2014

I Give Up

Alt Title: Sexuality is Bullshit

Another one about Sexuality from me. This time, as the title mentions, I've given up on trying to find mine.

Regular readers might know that I had a little bit of a breakdown a few months back trying to work out where I was sexually and decided to go for a walk and get soaked through to decide "It's fine you idiot."

Looking back on the last year, I want to kick myself in the head. I've always been a person to have a label. "Mosher, Metalhead, Nerd, Asexual" and various other ones.

Since I've been with my Partner, I've grown further and further from the Asexual label, to the point where I feel the label might not really fit me any more. That led into discussions about demi and pan and--

You know what, fuck it.
I'm Me.

I'll be sexually attracted to whatever I feel sexually attracted to, and not attracted to other things.

I mean it doesn't really matter at this point anyway.. I can feel mine and my partner's relationship going far. It's been, what, nearly 8 months now? I mean, no-one can predict exactly what will happen in a few months time - if I knew that I'd totally be a millionaire right now - but I don't want this to end - I'm happy where I am right now (except financially, but I'm sure you've heard enough of that)

There's studies showing that human sexuality isn't exactly solid, so maybe I'm just floating through a new shift in sexuality, but in all, what's the point in it, really? I mean, yeah, it's hardwired into us to love and care and have wild raving sex with one another (except Asexuals.. Who might still have wild raving sex but don't actively seek it out or get attracted and all that jazz)

So yeah.

I don't know if I'm Bi, Gay, Ace, Pan, or Demi or whatever, and I'm beyond caring at this point. If anyone asks explicitly, I'll just say Bi or Ace, depending on if I can be arsed giving them the usual "What's that?" Ace spiel.

Here's a gif of Peter Capaldi and Chris Addison because why not

2 May 2014

Jeremy Clarkson is/is not a racist

Delete as appropriate!

So as most of the world knows, Jeremy is a lovable, slightly cooky TV presenter, well known for his antics on the show Top Gear.

Recently there's a bit of a.. "Discussion" over his alleged racism after reciting "Eeny Meeny Miney Moe" rhyme while trying to pick a car (or something similar) because the version he used contained the "N word", which news outlets know they can;t say for fear of being branded racists themselves.

But here's the kicker - I've listened to the segment where he allegedly said it, and you can clearly hear him mumbling on purpose when he reaches the offending word. Unless you're listening to every single word he said extremely intently, it's impossible to hear it!

Seriously. Is everyone subject to so much scrutinsation that even a slight mumble can be considered offensive because some guy with some audio enhancing kit can unmumblefy some words (Shut up it's a thing I don't care)

Maybe it's because you know the rhyme and it's the word you're expecting is the reason why you can hear it?
Or maybe, he did say it, but it's purely out of memory. I know I can do a lot of childhood things, purely from habit/memory even though I haven't done them in nearly 2 decades!

We were the most foul mouthed kidders on the playground. Much like eeny meeny miney mo, we used a variation that went "Ip dip dog shit.." We were 10!

Pretty much us.

It's clear he made an effort to not say the word out loud, and even if he had, I'm pretty sure something could be done with it in post production to cover up the offensive mumbling. He even said to the production guys "Don't use it, I can hear myself saying the word ever so slightly" and offered another clean take.

Now apparently half the world is baying for his blood and calling for him to resign.

Why on earth is it considered the norm for someone who made a mistake, or is effectively "set up" that they have to resign!?

You see it in politicians, TV presenters, web developers, and pretty much every public facing profession with even so much as 20-30 people being interested in it.

We're human, we make mistakes. A slip of the tongue, a physical goof, miscommunication - it happens. Why can't the media, and the world at large acknowledge that a mistake was made and we all learn from our mistakes and move on?

No no no, We can't publicly hang people any more, we gotta get that thirst for blood out somehow, even if it's metaphorical blood. A scandal is delicious because it sparks insults on social media, papers are sold, hits on news websites. That's pretty much why the mirror decided to leak/point it out. Because journalists get bored.

I'll not step into his previous forays, he's not exactly a saint, but I think he's innocent here. Baying for blood/resignations is just over the top for a brief mumble

1 May 2014


There are not enough swear words to cover how much I hate extreme right-wing parties such as UKIP, BNP, and while not political - special mention to the EDL.

UKIP are gaining a lot of traction recently, mostly due to their huge campaign for the local and MEP elections coming up in about 3 weeks.

For those of you who actually read this who aren't aware, we have our local elections for local councils, which are actually the running force behind our infrastructure, etc, and then there's the MEP elections, which we vote for which people we send to the European parliament to represent us in the EU.

As their name suggests, UKIP want out of Europe because "We need to rule ourselves" and "We need to take our country back", while sounding like a bunch of racists while they're at it.

As is par for the course with these slightly nutty right wing parties, there's always a few "extremists" in the party, and whenever one of them kicks themselves in the mouth either with twitter or on camera, Farage and his posse have to press release that they've "been suspended and currently conducting investigations"

AKA. Slap on the wrist, go home, think about what you've done and maybe we'll let you back in when the media frenzy dies down

Oh. And it turns out they're funded by a homophobic nutjob too.

This fellow here, Godfrey Bloom is a frequent offender but after multiple suspensions, he "Quit" and now sits as an independent MEP.  Major gaffes by him include calling a group of feminists "Sluts", mocking disability and generally being a bit of an offensive git, really. Oh, also denying Climate Change

They like to insist they're not racist in the slightest, but it's really difficult to do so while screaming "Europeans are coming for British Jobs! YOUR Jobs!"

You know guys, it's a fucking two way street! Sure, anyone within the EU can move to Britain with merely a little headache.. But we can also move anywhere within the EU with very little effort (In terms of paperwork, anyway). Please stop acting like having a few human rights issues and completely harmless but sometimes admittedly petty changes - like daytime lights on cars - being imposed on us is like the end of the world.

The things that wind me the most about Elected MEP's like our anti-hero in this rant, Nigel Farage,
for the most part, they're either not turning up, not voting on motions at all, or just saying "No" in spite. 

Not only are they funneling money for absolutely nothing to themselves, but they're pretty much undermining everything they've been sent there for. People voted for you, thinking you'd listen to them, get a good understanding of what your constituents want and vote accordingly - even if you do want out of Europe, play by the fucking rules, you cunts! They're spiteful, childish and everything wrong with politics in the UK.

Pictured: UKIP MEPs

If these guys get a lot of seats at the EU parliament/local councils, I'll cry. If they get a majority at next year's general election, I might just up and move. I'm fucking done with these racist, homophobic, evidence denying shitbags.

But even more so, I'll feel bad, because it's the majority of people who voted would have gotten them there. The general ignorance of most of the electorate actually astounds me sometimes. Never ever take some fuck in a suit promising to make things better for everyone and saving money. It's just not going to work. They lying, conniving scumbags and getting outraged after all is done and the lies are slowly permeating through that formerly pleasant demeanor. Farage is pretending to chummy and "like everyone else" but if his party gets anywhere near Westminster in force, that demeanor will change entirely and we'll be willing to throw anyone under a train to get his way.

Also, for a party named "UK Independence Party", their name implies a 1 policy thought, and in terms of local elections for councils, what exactly can they do to get independence? Absolutely jack shit, but yet, they flyers are still going out screaming about independence and immigration and-- Local Councillors can't do anything about that. They sort roads, sort hospitals, local economy stuff. Please get off the immigration plinth and get on a relevant-to-local-politics plinth please. You're sounding like a looped track.

Also, if UKIP do get into Westminster and they do get out of Europe... what then? Reminds me of Wile E Coyote when he did catch the Road Runner that one time.

Get some more policies other than "WE WANT OUT" and you might be taken more seriously by people other than massive racists.

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