3 May 2014

I Give Up

Alt Title: Sexuality is Bullshit

Another one about Sexuality from me. This time, as the title mentions, I've given up on trying to find mine.

Regular readers might know that I had a little bit of a breakdown a few months back trying to work out where I was sexually and decided to go for a walk and get soaked through to decide "It's fine you idiot."

Looking back on the last year, I want to kick myself in the head. I've always been a person to have a label. "Mosher, Metalhead, Nerd, Asexual" and various other ones.

Since I've been with my Partner, I've grown further and further from the Asexual label, to the point where I feel the label might not really fit me any more. That led into discussions about demi and pan and--

You know what, fuck it.
I'm Me.

I'll be sexually attracted to whatever I feel sexually attracted to, and not attracted to other things.

I mean it doesn't really matter at this point anyway.. I can feel mine and my partner's relationship going far. It's been, what, nearly 8 months now? I mean, no-one can predict exactly what will happen in a few months time - if I knew that I'd totally be a millionaire right now - but I don't want this to end - I'm happy where I am right now (except financially, but I'm sure you've heard enough of that)

There's studies showing that human sexuality isn't exactly solid, so maybe I'm just floating through a new shift in sexuality, but in all, what's the point in it, really? I mean, yeah, it's hardwired into us to love and care and have wild raving sex with one another (except Asexuals.. Who might still have wild raving sex but don't actively seek it out or get attracted and all that jazz)

So yeah.

I don't know if I'm Bi, Gay, Ace, Pan, or Demi or whatever, and I'm beyond caring at this point. If anyone asks explicitly, I'll just say Bi or Ace, depending on if I can be arsed giving them the usual "What's that?" Ace spiel.

Here's a gif of Peter Capaldi and Chris Addison because why not

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