Jeremy Clarkson is/is not a racist

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So as most of the world knows, Jeremy is a lovable, slightly cooky TV presenter, well known for his antics on the show Top Gear.

Recently there's a bit of a.. "Discussion" over his alleged racism after reciting "Eeny Meeny Miney Moe" rhyme while trying to pick a car (or something similar) because the version he used contained the "N word", which news outlets know they can;t say for fear of being branded racists themselves.

But here's the kicker - I've listened to the segment where he allegedly said it, and you can clearly hear him mumbling on purpose when he reaches the offending word. Unless you're listening to every single word he said extremely intently, it's impossible to hear it!

Seriously. Is everyone subject to so much scrutinsation that even a slight mumble can be considered offensive because some guy with some audio enhancing kit can unmumblefy some words (Shut up it's a thing I don't care)

Maybe it's because you know the rhyme and it's the word you're expecting is the reason why you can hear it?
Or maybe, he did say it, but it's purely out of memory. I know I can do a lot of childhood things, purely from habit/memory even though I haven't done them in nearly 2 decades!

We were the most foul mouthed kidders on the playground. Much like eeny meeny miney mo, we used a variation that went "Ip dip dog shit.." We were 10!

Pretty much us.

It's clear he made an effort to not say the word out loud, and even if he had, I'm pretty sure something could be done with it in post production to cover up the offensive mumbling. He even said to the production guys "Don't use it, I can hear myself saying the word ever so slightly" and offered another clean take.

Now apparently half the world is baying for his blood and calling for him to resign.

Why on earth is it considered the norm for someone who made a mistake, or is effectively "set up" that they have to resign!?

You see it in politicians, TV presenters, web developers, and pretty much every public facing profession with even so much as 20-30 people being interested in it.

We're human, we make mistakes. A slip of the tongue, a physical goof, miscommunication - it happens. Why can't the media, and the world at large acknowledge that a mistake was made and we all learn from our mistakes and move on?

No no no, We can't publicly hang people any more, we gotta get that thirst for blood out somehow, even if it's metaphorical blood. A scandal is delicious because it sparks insults on social media, papers are sold, hits on news websites. That's pretty much why the mirror decided to leak/point it out. Because journalists get bored.

I'll not step into his previous forays, he's not exactly a saint, but I think he's innocent here. Baying for blood/resignations is just over the top for a brief mumble

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