BUCK 2014 Debrief

Holy hells!

For once, I'm going to try and keep my language PG, but that's going to take some effort after the absolutely amazing weekend we just had in Manchester.

I know I'm usually a cynical, arsey git - but after the insanely long, hard weekend (That's what she said?! - Floor Team 2014) It's hard to believe I'd be working 40+ hours over a weekend for absolutely no pay and not care, and even want it to carry on.

But it happened.

I know the HR guys at BUCK would lose their minds if I said I didn't take breaks (I did. Don't you guys wig out!) but I could have honestly stayed on with merely just a few minutes to eat. Even pulling off 17/18 hours on Friday and Saturday with only time to sleep.

If my day-job asked me to do something similar, I'd absolutely lose my mind and probably quit on the spot and throw everyone the middle finger.

But at BUCK? Eh, whatever. I don't mind. I'll stay on if you need me!

Seriously, I know it seems cheesy and cliche to say this - but Con staff run off your smiles. Smile at us and we'll smile back and probably break into a run because we just got a little boost of motivation

Convention work is stressful, tiring and absolutely draining at the best of times, and killer at worst, but when we see you enjoying yourself, it reminds us why we actually signed up for this. I almost melted into goo more than a few times when I had attendees approach me and personally thank me for working the con.

I know the brony community has a huge negative attachment to it, but the cons are fantastic. The only incident we had this year was someone having too much fun and pulling a muscle in their shin from dancing way too hard.

I may be pretty much anything but a brony these days, but you guys were absolutely fantastic. When I politely tapped you on the shoulder and asked you to shuffle away from the doors, you didn't ignore me and say "no", you understood and shuffled along
Everyone in Workshop 2 on Sunday evening - Thank you! You made what could have made me meltdown into a pile of stress into a (mostly) stress free event.

I'm going to apologise yet again for being a downer and trying to get people out of the room while you were trying to get signatures. I felt bad the entire time, believe me. But I had to get the rooms sorted!

I guess I'm mostly just fluffing now.  (I can hear floor team sniggering in the background)

I honestly can't say it enough. BUCK attendees, you made it possible. I know, it sounds crazy, but I might just have died on Sunday morning if you guys hadn't been super enthusiastic about it all!

(I walked into a car dealership today and the guy I spoke to not even a week ago said "Jesus man, you look absolutely exhausted, what the hell have you been doing? I spoke to you on Wednesday and you look like you've aged about 10 years!")

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