It's the thing.

31 March 2015

Thank You.

As a bit of a followup to my previous post - I have been to the Doc's again - and while I still just got more anti-depressants, these ones seem to be working, rather than making me worse.

I'm on Citalopram now, rather than Sertraline.

But, as the title says, I'm here to thank a few people, because I feel like I haven't said enough to people.

23 March 2015

Depression, Anxiety, Medication, and Motivation

Hiya, Internet.

It's been a while, huh?

Gonna apologise for that right now, not posted a whole lot of substance in the last few months. I mean, yeah. I've been active on twitter and stuff, but it's been a whole lot of drivel and whining, interspersed with game talk and occasional retweets.

Truth is - some of you already know - I went to the docs a few weeks back and he gave me some Anti-Depressants. I've been on and off with anxiety and depressive episodes for years, but never really thought much of them, thinking it was normal. It was in Febuary when I got back from a weekend away when I just had a week solid of feeling useless, untalented, unwanted.