Thank You.

As a bit of a followup to my previous post - I have been to the Doc's again - and while I still just got more anti-depressants, these ones seem to be working, rather than making me worse.

I'm on Citalopram now, rather than Sertraline.

But, as the title says, I'm here to thank a few people, because I feel like I haven't said enough to people.

Please don't feel bad if you're not mentioned specifically - I appreciate everyone who's wished support, but these people have kept me distracted, felt wanted and generally kept my mind off feeling like a worthless bag of crap,

Noura - You're amazing. Thank you so much for just being there to listen to me wittle on about nothing, and just offering an ear - (And Dragon Age. That helped a lot.), and, like I said on twitter and on Skype, I'm here for venting too, bug me if you need to vent. <3

WoW Reactions - You guys are the best, your silly shenanigans in the skype group are so funny to read back when I'm lying in bed feeling pointless. I know we've pretty much gone our separate ways in gaming, but we'll always have that Skype group to be massive nerds in.

My friends - There's too many of you to name off here, but Lee, Laura, James, Danny - You guys have been the best over the last few months. We've been playing the hell out of Destiny, and running in groups to smash Crota's face in week in, week out has been fantastic. Regular contact with people has been the saving grace over the last while, and it made me realise I probably needed help, because when I got left alone in that van for 10 hours a day, I felt like everything was going wrong.

Laura - I feel like I got to mention you specifically, too. Sorry! Listening to you talk about your problems with depression and anxiety pushed me to go see the doctor, when I realised I was having a lot of the same issues. Had I not, I probably would have still been sat being a massive pile of worry, chewing my fingernails to bits and overthinking everything.

Veer - I'm sorry for all the messing around I've been doing with you. I'm sending signals left and right, then just retreating into the shadows nearly every other week with you. I feel so bad when I do it, but You've been absolutely amazing, and I feel like I would have done something absolutely stupid had you not come around that weekend. You've listened to me whine, and generally be a moany git, and I feel like I've barely done anything for you.

I know there should be more mentions, but they honestly can't get to my mind right now. Thank you guys so much for being supportive though this shitty period I've been having. <3

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