14 April 2015

General Election 2015: Thoughts so far


Back to business as usual, I suppose - talking and flinging shit in every direction.

So, another campaign trail begins yet again.

This is my first Election where I can remember the last one properly, being 20 y/o last time.

I'm not watching the news closely lately, busy and stuff, but I do try a catch up most evenings to see what's going on with the guys in the suits.

This year, I'm noticing that the Conservatives are just simply saying "LABOUR ARE RUBBISH, LOL" over and over, constantly hammering in the point that "Labour caused the crash in the previous parliament".

They're promising money for the NHS, despite not having any kind of way of costing what they want to spend, and their track record this parliament just gone with the NHS has been absolutely awful.

Yes, all the parties are flinging shit at each other like monkeys, but the conservatives are firing a shit cannon, loaded with an unending stream of bullshit.

It's personal attacks and just attacking - they know that their policies will not be popular with the common person, so they're doing their utmost best to make any and all opposition look absolutely incompetent.

What I'm glad to notice though, is that most people aren't buying it now. It was at first, but I think people have finally had enough of Cameron calling Ed weird and not criticising Labour's policies and how they can do it better.

It's infuriating to watch it just be a shit slinging contest and it's turning into an election of charm and appearance

I just watched an interview now where Jo Coburn grilled Sajid Javid about where the Tories will find this £8bn of spending promises for the NHS, and all he's pretty much said is "Labour ruined the economy last time - last time we were in government we fixed the economy, blah blah blah" for about 5 minutes.

Not once did he touch on where they're going to find that £8bn, where they're going to cut to find said cash, they're just hoping for an economic growth, which, by current standards, isn't going to happen for a while. Despite their constant wailing that the deficit is being cut:

GG Dickheads 

It's actually the polar opposite. They've done more borrowing, but cut the NHS and cut pretty much everything. Inflation has been ridiculous, the cost of living has gone up and there's wage stagnation across the UK. I've personally not seen a pay rise for the last 5 years.

I'm all for listening, Politicians, but please. Stop talking rhetoric and utter bullshit, stop demanding that people apologise when they don't need to, and actually have done multiple times, and for gods sake, stop being a bunch of hypocritical fucks. 


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