14 August 2015

Back to normal

Apologies for that last post. That was a last minute, "I'm-having-a-mental-breakdown" moment.

But, as it's been a good few months, thought I might as well update with what's going on in my life right now, hopefully I'll start having time for some more blogging soon.

But, the last few months have been utterly bonkers in terms of workload. I've been regularly pulling 1,000 miles per week because when term is out, our customers are spread all over the country, rather than in accommodation at university. I'm the guy they send outside of the cities, so it just got slightly more manic for me. With results day finally coming today, we're going to get 100% busier, so..


I've been up to a lot recently.

I've finally properly started working on the game design course. I moved to a City & Guilds qualification (I think it's a degree equivalent) rather than a TIGA diploma. Has a wider recognition - the downside, pretty much had to start again. Oh well, got an extension, s'all good!

As you can probably see from the profile picture, I'm back on Final Fantasy 14 again. So a bit of my spare time goes into that!

I'm super into art related stuff recently, though my motivation for actually doing any writing myself is still at rock bottom. I can happily tweet and shitpost my way through the day but getting some fiction done is just beyond me at the moment. Soon, hopefully.

Celldweller and Blue Stahli's music is really helping to get the creative juices flowing, I just need to find time and motivation to actually write these new ideas down.

In terms of my mental health, I'm a little bit of a wreck as you've probably already noticed. I think the medication I'm on (Citalopram) is affecting my memory a little, and I'm forgetting a lot of small things, just enough to make me lose my temper when I do remember.. Like taking said medications. I'll sometimes just outright forget for days and wonder why I'm spiralling down back to pre-medication levels of depression.

Also, as a last note for now - I am becoming the ultimate furry. I've ordered a custom fursuit, and It'll be done next year at some point! I'm hoping it'll be finished for Confuzzled, but can't rush 'em!

Might be back later in the week with more "usual" content, like getting angry at things that aren't myself.

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