28 August 2015

"The Immigration Crisis"

Or, as I'd like to call it - the humanitarian crisis.
I'm really fucking ticked off with the "immigration debate" recently.

It's not so much a debate on immigration - there's no debate about foreign nationals such as Americans, Australians, Germans etc coming into the country. It's all focused on those fleeing places such as Syria.

If you ask anyone about immigration, most likely, you'll get a response about "They're coming taking jobs" or "They're just taking benefits"

But for most of those against immigration who subscribe to the UKIP line of thinking only see those poor immigrants. They do not think of the skilled workers who will find a job way before migrating to the country and joining us in the economy. These kinds of immigrants are never thought of during these "debates"

The worst thing is, I see and hear so many people saying "Why don't they just invest in their own schools and invest in job creators?"
Here's a simple explanation for you;

There isn't any. There's too many bombs and there's a war in their streets - or it's coming their way.
If war was to break out in our country right this instant with no end in sight - what would you do? Would you stay and act like nothing is going on?

Of course you fucking wouldn't. These are civilians caught in a conflict they never asked for. They are poor, and not exactly the fighting type. These are the people so desperate to escape this horror they will throw their savings at shady human traffickers, to cross dangerous seas in what is essentially a liferaft, with absolutely no guarantee of survival in the hopes that the other side will help them.

Yes, there are deeper problems which our countries can do to help, but the first and foremost of our help should be helping those fleeing danger. We should not demonise them, saying they're here for our benefits. They just want somewhere safe to live.

Our benefits system needs looking at, not the people.

We should not call them swarms, we should not think of them as insects. These are people fleeing almost certain doom. Asylum Seekers will not cause traffic jams. Asylum Seekers will do everything in their power to help themselves and their rescuers. It just so happens that they've fled to a continent who's economy is only just recovering and is sitting on a knife edge.

We're all in this shit together.

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