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Evening, folks

So, I got to thinkin' (dangerous, I know.)

This blog has quite a limited focus, usually being my rambles on current events and/or, my brain's current direction in trying to make my life shit.

I'm not sure if I want to open it up to my creative thoughts and ramblings. I'm a little worried on the creative front due to the potential of stolen ideas, especially as I tend to go into a lot of detail on something I've not even properly developed yet. I have ideas for novels, games.. pretty much anything that anyone can interact with or watch.

It's my dream in life to be able to create something that captivates people to watch, play, or read something again to catch details they missed, or to try and understand cultures or characters more.
I am very inspired by Bioware's stuff, if you hadn't noticed. Also, the recent release of Undertale has pulled me in quite deep for character writing. 

I don't think a blog format is a good way of detailing worlds and characters though. Maybe short stories? but I have mind maps and wikis for worlds, planets, characters, and cultures..

If I can ever muster up the effort to write shorts, I might dump them here, or even start a new blog entirely just to hold them.
Of course, that counts on me actually writing stuff.. Which is unlikely. Depression and Anxiety can do a number on people, including making them think their work, among other things, is unbearable.

I know right? My brain wants to show the worlds and characters I'm creating.. But at the same time, it's constantly saying "But they're shit, though. No-one will want to see them. Don't even bother trying."

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