20 May 2016

Taxes and Benefits (Sometimes Death)

Hello, Internet!
It's been a while, again, huh?

So, EU Referendum is coming up. And I'm getting pissed off!

So, here I go. Got a few things on my mind I've been meaning to talk about. First up, how the hell our government can justify such brutal cuts when those high earners can laugh all the way to the bank.

So, here in the UK, we've got this lovely party known as the Conservatives. Once headed by the infamous Margaret Thatcher, they're known as the Nasty Party.

Attempts to rebrand themselves apparently worked, as they're in their second term as a major party (first term was as a coalition with a smaller, more liberal party, but definitely controlled them)
They're still as nasty as ever, though instead of Miners and Schoolkids, this time, it's Doctors and Disabled People. And still schoolkids.. and everyone except the middle class and the financially elite.

I could go on about their past for a while, but I make a habit of living in the present, rather than the past. And I'm still unable to prevent myself from seriously going off on one, so I'm going to handpick a few cases I find are just beyond comprehension as to why even.

So, the big recent one is the Disability Benefit cuts.
Combined with companies like ATOS and Serco declaring people fit for work despite being absolutely not fit for work. Thousands have died, leading to inquests which shouldn't even be happening. It's also been revealed that there were Targets and Quotas within the DWP to try and get people fit for work. It's a toxic way of reducing spending, especially with such.. goals. Welfare is not a set of targets, it's people who need support to live.

But anyway.

The government, in Budget after Budget have decided to throw down and kick people while they're down. Cutting disability benefit by £30. On an already strained budget for disabled people, £30 a week is a few missed meals, or a loss of something that helps them remain independent.

The man who was in charge of enforcing this, one Mr. Iain Duncan Smith actually resigned, forcing the government to U turn. It's sparked a civil war within the party which is still raging to this day. Among other shenanigans, it revealed that he was the opposite of disliking this policy - he was pleading for people on the fence to vote for it. Nadine Dorries (Cons) said on twitter that Smith begged and pleaded for her vote for the cuts. Revealing himself to be a hypocritical, lying bastard.

All this to save an estimated £4.4 billion over 5 years in the 2015 - 2020 parliament.

You know what else could save (or earn) at least £4.4 billion?

Vodafone's £84b tax bill.
Ooh, Google, too. to the tune of £700mil
Ooh, ooh! Apple too! 

And that's just 3 corporations. Out of the whole UK business scene, there's a lot lot of tax dodging going on. And I honestly can't believe that the government take even smaller cuts of the tax owed and call it a day.

Google were effectively paying 10x less tax than me. This is a company can earns something to the tune of the above figure, paying just 2.5%.

In contrast, I earn 15k, and pay 20% in tax.

It's not fair. This is a problem that can be easily solved with just a few swipes of a pen to close loopholes, but the Tories, and actually, any of the career politician led parties just refuse to close the holes.Why?

Hm, I dunno.

Here's hoping those leaks get people really fucking ticked off, eh?

Never mind.

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