23 June 2016


I don't need a more descriptive title this time around, do I?

Unless you live under a rock, I'm pretty sure most of the world knows that the UK is about to undergo it's biggest political vote of all time - A vote on if we leave, or remain a member of the European Union.

It has been a shitheap of a campaign, both sides being equally shitty, but in my honest opinion - Remain have conducted themselves in a much better manner than Leave have.

While yes, Remain have engaged in Scare tactics and exaggerations - Leave have been downright lying to the public, and unabashedly denying any claims that they are lying. The equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears and going "Lalala, we say it is, so it is so!"

For one, their big figure of "We send £350m to the EU a week" has been repeatedly debunked, and more accurate figures have been given. It is something along the lines of £250m

Sure, we send a lot of money to Europe - but, here's the thing, Europe gives us stuff. There are so many contruction projects underway that I see on my travels which are European Funded. Regeneration in Livepool, Wales, Cornwall, Manchester.

Fun Fact: When Manchester was hit by the IRA in 1996 - You know who helped Manchester get back on its feet? European Funds.

Cornwall recieves a lot of European funding, both for projects, and in partnerships.

As does Wales

Oh, but Immigration, I hear Leave cry, Free movement can let terrorists in! The Schengen Zone!

We're not in the Shengen Zone - In fact, we're the only member state NOT in the Schengen zone.

For those new here, the Schengen zone is a zone where people can move around without having their passport checked. There is essentially no land border, or much of one anyway.

We in the UK, we're a special bunch. EVERYONE coming into the UK needs to show a passport, European or Not. So, as long as the EU can share their database of known criminals or suspected terrorists, we can stop them as they come rolling in - Leaving would jeopardize this agreement we have. We would be alone in our terrorist hunting shenanigans.

But they're coming for our jobs! Our benefits!

1. Immigrants tend to take jobs that the average UK citizen probably wouldn't do. Fruit picking, lots of retail jobs, cleaning.

2. As much as I dislike the shiny git, our Prime Minister has just renegotiated how we can pay benefits to those who Immigrate - They would have to 1 - find a job, 2 - pay taxes for 4 years before being able to claim any kind of benefit within the UK.

Which - to me, is a little extreme, but I suppose he had to sway people from the right over to his side. But apparently they aren't listening.

Immigrants will clog up the NHS! Longer Queue Times!

Fun Fact: A lot of NHS staff are immigrants, as the UK cannot get enough homegrown doctors to satisfy need. Please see this thingymajig for details.
The chances are, if you go to the doctor, or to the hospital, you will be looked after by someone born outside the UK.

Immigration is filling up houses! There are waiting lists!

This is NOT Europe's fault. Have you seen how many abandoned houses there are? This is government policy not making the most of of current infrastructure. They would rather spend money on building new houses, which cost a lot more than converting or repairing current houses.

Affordable housing is in high demand - as new builds cost a lot of money - money a lot of young people can't get because, y'know, that whole Recession we had made banks a whole lot more cautious and stingy with who they give it out to.

We don't want big fancy houses made for large families, there is a large population of young people trapped in their parents houses because of the high deposit costs of these houses - which are too big for purpose.


All 28 member states of the EU have a Veto. All 28 states have to say yes. We can veto and stop them.
Don't see why it's an issue, but hey, MUSLIMS, right!
Plus, their progress toward complying with EU directives is going so slowly they won't be entering the EU for a very, very long time.

We'd be able to trade with the world on our own terms! And we'd still keep in the single market!

Economists and World Leaders have all said they would rather that with Europe (500+million people, inc the UK, rather than just the UK (50million) - as they would include seperate tarrifs on import fees.

And remember that £250 million "membership fee" I mentioned earlier?
With current trade levels, we'd be spending that much on export duty. There's also the fact that if we wanted access to the single market (Like Norway does in the EEA!) we would still need to accept free movement of people (those dern immigrants, eh, Leave?)

15% of our GDP is dependent on exports to the EU. Shaking that up with "We promise we can make a good deal because we import more than we export and they're not that stupid" is not enough of an argument.

But the EU makes all of our laws and they're unelected and we're powerless to stop them!

You know those Local Elections that barely anyone turns out for? Sometimes we also vote for our MEP. Those guys we send to Europe to talk on our behalf. Yeah, those guys. We elect them. They elect other people within the European council.  We have a say in it. Everyone in the EU has a say on their MEPs. It's just that a good percentage of the country doesn't bother to turn up.

As for those pesky laws and regulations?

1. All those laws? People can't agree on a number, but around 13.5% is written by a parliamentary study, but it could be up to 55%. That's a lot, right!
A lot of them are simple regulations on items we make. A lot of our groundbreaking acts of parliament are still determined by our own MPs.

Plus, those pesky regulations - they're not just a barrier - they exist to stop us blowing ourselves up, setting ourselves or our houses on fire, stabbing ourselves, etc. It's not just a pointless thing, they're for safety. Anyone saying we should be stepping back into making less safe, less efficient items is clearly off their rocker.

We would still have to follow these regulations if we were to trade into europe anyway, so what's the use in smaking a less safe, less efficient item when we still have to make the EU regulated item to sell to europe anyway!

Anyway, that's enough from me tonight I think.
In case it's not obvious, I'm very much a Remain campaigner.

Please vote!
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