18 November 2016

What The Fuck. (An Opinion)

That's all I'm going to say.

What the Fucking Fuck was 2016

What the fuck did we do to deserve this shitshow of a year?
It's been an utter mess. Bowie, Brexit, the "Alt-Right" and now Trump. Probably a million other things, but these are the big things that creep to the front of my memory.

What the fuck did both the Right and the Left become this year? The left - It's not unified, it's all over the place, some of us want to oppose The Right, some of us are.. You know what I don't fucking know.

The Right have just become The Right but with name calling. Nothing like trying to engage people by calling us whiners and lefties

Though the left are not faring better - just because someone voted Brexit, or Trump, or Marine Le Pen (when that happens) doesn't make them a racist, a deplorable, or whatever else the word choice of the day is.

Rather than throwing labels around and just reducing discussion to petty insults, can we please, please, PLEASE get back to discussion about actual policies, or topics?

Because all that is happening while the two sides duke out name calling, our respective governments are doing whatever they like. America's President-Elect is appointing Anti-semites, Actual Racists and Bigots as we speak. And the people who are protesting these appointments are being told they're not democratic, they're not American, etc.

They have the right to speak out, much like Republicans protested when Obama was president. Let them speak. Telling anyone that protesting is undemocratic is just trying to shut you up. Their side likely won and wants an easy win. Do not relent.

Yes, a Trump administration is a fucking travesty of a decision, but it's happened, and rather than dwell in the past, the left needs to unify and fight whatever bullshit is coming their way. The UK left needs to unify (for god's sake, Corbyn, you're good in PMQ's, get doing that EVERYWHERE) and not let the Conservatives just do whatever they like with this Brexit bullshit. Again, I'm not a fan of what has happened, but it's happening, and Ideally, I'd like this to reverse.

It's not going to be easy, but you need to influence your lawmakers, your MPs, and sitting there and calling each other names IS NOT HELPING.

Call your Senates, Mail your Houses, Tweet at your Representatives, JUST FUCKING DO SOMETHING.
Don't just shout at egg profiles on twitter for voting for trump/brexit. It's unproductive and a waste of everyone's time.

Try to see the other side.

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