24 December 2017

2017 in review

For once, not about the world in general (that might come at a later date though)

HELLO PEOPLE. This is my second post in 2017, and there's only like a week left of it. It has been a hell of a year. I've been so busy and fucked up for most of it, I've barely had time to post on here!

So, despite the absolute hell of a year that 2017 has been, I'm sure some of us must have had an okay-at-least year? Surely? Mine wasn't too bad for starters. (I am going to ignore current events, news, all that codswallop, otherwise I'm gonna be here for like 8 pages)

27 June 2017

Vent, Rant, Whatever (Sexuality Version 7million)

Hello, again.

Been a while again. I guess I'm getting a bit swamped with life lately. Can't really keep up with the whole writing thing.

It's Pride Month!

It's June! It's Pride Month! Aaaand Gatekeeping is a thing, apparently. If I hear/see one more person post about how Asexuality is...